25 Oct

How are you giving your pet their food? We like keeping our pets to be fed well but what kind of feeder you're using? As a matter of fact, there's broad number of options that you can find today. If you are living in a small town, that wouldn't be a problem either because online, there are literally tons of store that can cater to your needs. As you keep reading and see the many choices of these products, you can pick the right model for your cat or dog.

Regular food bowl or a tower feeder works just fine if you allow your cat to eat whenever they like. These works effectively but you have to consider whether you will be giving wet food, dry food or even both when making a selection. You might decide on the combination of a tower or bowl as well. these days, you got plenty of choices and the prices are varying as well. The plain bowls are designed primarily to keep bugs out of your pet food, designer bowls, bowls for travelling and the likes are only a partial list of different varieties you can choose. The best part, all of these are easy to clean.

Another type of feeder that you can buy for your pet is the automatic cat feeder. This feeds your pet on a schedule and controls the portion size. It is you who will be picking the schedule, the number of servings however will depend on the unit you have bought. Some of these timed pet feeders may be used for serving your pet both wet and dry food. Prices are ranging from reasonable to over a hundred dollars. There are various kinds of it that you can choose from which depend on the features that you're most interested in. These units are also running on batteries. Know how to feed a cat here!

Another type of pet feeder is capable of keeping them entertained. This works just fine for dry foods or even treats. If your dog or cat gets bored, this product is made to occupy their time like searching in different compartments to get their snack and so on. If your pet likes hearing your voice, other bowls can record a quick message which plays whenever your pet gets close to it. To learn more about automatic cat feeders, go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/04/10/amazing-acrocats-cat-circus_n_7040256.html.

Regardless if you have a dog or cat in the house, you will have no problems in buying such units, visit MeowTee here!

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